The Wizards on Walnut St.

Recently I have been on a world-building kick. This started mostly with Cold Start and now I’ve got the LeGuinn-esque bug to build another world. But this time, unlike Cold Start, I have a desire to flesh it out character-wise, rather than focus on a sandbox for play. One of the problems I had back when Cold Start was originally a novel wasRead the rest of this page »

Cold Start public alpha released!

Writing for RPGs is a longtime dream of mine, and in that vein I have spent several years developing this a project called Cold Start. It is a Sci-fi RPG centering around societal norms, technology, and personal horror. The public alpha is now available over at I highly recommend you check it out.

The “Method Acting” Farce

Recently I have been reading lots of articles on Jared Leto and his so-called “Method Acting” he did while being the Joker. While some praise method acting as great way to understand and realistically portray a character, the fact is that it is misunderstood and today, it is used incorrectly. Or worse, in Jared Leto’s case, it is an excuseRead the rest of this page »

FCC: Reclassify broadband service or podcasting will suffer

Below is the entirety of my filing to the FCC from my production company, Audio Toaster Broadcasting that I made this evening regarding Net Neutrality and its impacts on podcasting.

Jon Bailey, voice of Honest Movie Trailers, has his voice misused

You may have heard of voice over artist Jon Bailey. You may have heard of Smosh Games Honest Movie Trailers. You may have heard of a recent Dota  Honest trailer. The problem is: that last one is a fake. A day ago, a video titled “Dota Honest Trailer” appeared on youtube on the channel of a video group called Coldoz. The video,Read the rest of this page »

Podcasts and Broadcasting – A panel!

I had the opportunity to give a panel on broadcasting and podcasts at Trotcon this year. I covered how to start one, how to avoid pitfalls, cheap ways to do simple audio treatment, and more. I encourage you to give it a watch!

Your Comfort Zone; or, Making Your Vocal Booth Perfect

I talk about vocal booths occasionally. Not as often as I’d like, mostly because I keep changing mine to suit my needs. One thing I tell people who ask me about my studio is that you have certain needs for a vocal booth. These are: Having good acoustic treatment and a minimal of noise (Here’s some tips on reducing yourRead the rest of this page »


“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” – Robert J. Hanlon

Squish, clang, pow! Foley in Your Home Studio

When I was younger, I remember reading an article in Nickelodeon magazine about “awesome fun jobs”. One of them attracted my attention back then, long before I got into vocal and audio work, and long before I had a home studio: foley artists. Even today, foley artists are the mysterious, clever folks that get counted on for every manner ofRead the rest of this page »

COUGH HACK COUGH (Voice actors with sore throats; what’s the remedy?)

One of the most satisfying moments in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera is the moment when Carlotta, the pain-in-the-neck diva and leading soprano, has her voice sabotaged halfway through the opera house’s El Muto, coughing and sputtering onstage in embarrassment. It’s quite the moment and you can’t help but laugh… …until it happens to you. Not the ‘beingRead the rest of this page »

"Expect nothing. Everything else is a sweet surprise." - Lee Tockar

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