In the evolving tapestry of video games, the intersection of gaming and coding has unveiled a unique niche where creativity meets logic. The 18th fragment, “Parser,” serves as a tribute to this fascinating confluence, offering players a minimalist graphics engine within Unity to manipulate a 64×64 grid through a custom scripting language. This concept of minimalist engines and in-game programmingRead the rest of this page »

Grey Box

Stripping away the layers of graphic detail that define modern gaming, this fragment challenges players to navigate a space devoid of visual cues, armed only with indicators of their position, rotation, and the identity of objects beneath their cursor. “Grey Box” operates on the principle of implied presence, a concept where the essence of an environment is suggested rather thanRead the rest of this page »

Museum Of Faces

This digital museum, with its ever-changing portraits, offers a unique canvas for exploring the multifaceted nature of human existence, the burdens we carry, and the value we assign to our memories and experiences. The museum serves as a liminal space, a threshold between the known and the unknown, the conscious and the subconscious. It’s a place of transition, allowing playersRead the rest of this page »


Nostalgia plays a powerful role in our relationship with technology. As players interact with this fragment, they are transported back to different points in their personal and collective digital histories. These technologies, once cutting-edge, now serve as reminders of how rapidly innovation reshapes our world. The tactile experience of inserting a disk or a CD, the distinct sounds they makeRead the rest of this page »


The concept of what constitutes game content has evolved significantly over the years. Special editions of games often include physical items – art books, figurines, or maps – that extend the gaming experience beyond the screen. These editions suggest that content is not confined to digital interactions but encompasses a broader ecosystem of tangible and intangible elements that enrich theRead the rest of this page »


In the world of video game design, the concept of distance plays a crucial role in shaping player experience. This fragment offers a unique opportunity to reflect on how distance, scale, and the sense of isolation are represented and perceived in games. For a moment let’s talk about Fast travel. On one hand, it’s a convenient tool that respects theRead the rest of this page »


In the realm of video games, speedrunning represents a fascinating and unique subculture, a form of play that extends beyond the intended boundaries of gameplay. The accompanying fragment, designed with speedrunners in mind, serves as a testament to the intricate artistry and competitive spirit of this community. It invites players to not just play the game but to master andRead the rest of this page »

On game design, creativity, agency, and The Beginner’s Guide

I recently played The Beginner’s Guide by Davey Wreden. It left such an impression that I wrote this piece exploring the theories behind game design and playability. The letter below contains spoilers for the game. Please play the game first.

4 Seasons, 4 New Year goals for authors

Here’s my New Years resolutions, but to help make them a reality, I’m setting due dates on them: each of the four seasons. Feel free to steal them and make them yours.

It’s time to have the book cover conversation

I’ve rubbed elbows with self-published, independent-published, and even vanity-published authors on a daily basis. I’ve gone to conventions and browsed the author’s alley, and I’ve spent countless hours scouring the web for new reads. One thing influences my decision to buy more than anything else—the cover.

"Expect nothing. Everything else is a sweet surprise." - Lee Tockar