Year Production Role Producer/Director
1996 Julius Caesar Brutus Cary Moeller, Dir.
2004 You’re a good man, Charlie Brown Linus Jessica Bounelis, Dir.
2005 Grease Vince Fontaine Jessica Bounelis, Dir.


Year Production Role Producer/Director
2009 Methuselate By Night Promo, Part I Prince LaCroix MBN Productions
2010 Methuselate By Night Promo, Part II Lionel MBN Productions
2010 Dice Nerds Red J. Sulick, Dir.


Year Production Role Producer/Director
2014 Legal commercial, February 2014 Self Scott Denney, Prod.
2014 “Weekends” Legal commercial, June 2014 Diner Cook Scott Denney, Prod.
2014 “Mean Streets” Legal commercial, June 2014 Diner Cook Scott Denney, Prod.


Year Production Role Producer/Director
2007-2011 Methuselate By Night Michael Tempus MBN Productions


Year Production Role Producer/Director
2010-2014 True Equestria Radio Host Audio Toaster Broadcast Media
2014 Front and Center Narrator Fanbuilt Studios, inc.


Undergraduate Anne Arundel Community College
Vocal Coaching Lee Tockar, Michael Richard Dobson


Vocal Range Tenor
Dialects Standard Northern American, BBC British, West London, Glasgow Scottish, Slavic, Irish, Vancouver Canadian, early 20th Century New York, Jersey, Southern Californian, Spanish-american, East German, character voices
Other Skills Guitar, Singing, Card tricks, Copy writing, Basic German language, dance, vast mens fashion knowledge.


2 Comments to Resume/Credits

  1. L. Tirek says:

    Have you found your vast knowledge of men’s fashion to be a threat to the costume designers of your various stage and commercial productions? How do you resolve conflicts when their fashion beliefs are clearly out of step with the pulse of the community to which you are so intrinsically tuned?

    • If a costume designer and I aren’t in sync, they always have the last word. I am happy to make polite suggestions, and sometimes those suggestions are listened to. In the end, however, I have a great respect for costume designers whose jobs are incredibly difficult already and whose expertise is often disrespected. When it all comes down to it, their word is law.

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