Jon Bailey, voice of Honest Movie Trailers, has his voice misused

You may have heard of voice over artist Jon Bailey. You may have heard of Smosh Games Honest Movie Trailers. You may have heard of a recent Dota  Honest trailer. The problem is: that last one is a fake.

A day ago, a video titled “Dota Honest Trailer” appeared on youtube on the channel of a video group called Coldoz. The video, which features Dota gameplay with voiceover by the deep-voiced voiceover artist, has a little over 70,000 views.

The problem? Jon Bailey didn’t approve it.

Jon, who is well-known to be especially nice to his fans, often reads out bits of copy for his fans in his Movie Trailer Voice. Coldoz took advantage of his openness about his voice.

“They sent me little paragraphs to read for what they said was a game tournament project,” Jon told me today. He responded in little pieces, recording several minutes of copy over 4 or 5 weeks. What he didn’t know was that Coldoz took those bits of copy, rearranged them, and recreated Dota in the Honest Movie Trailers style without Bailey’s permission.

“I felt betrayed. This is the first time I’ve had someone take advantage of me being nice to my fans. It sucks.”

Smosh hasn’t made a formal statement, but Jon has publicly denounced the video on the video ‘s comments section and his own social media.


Sam Swicegood is an author, speaker, blogger, and podcaster from Cincinnati, OH. He is the author of fantasy and science-fiction literature, including The Wizards on Walnut Street and No Place.

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