Getting a Sick voice actor back into action

I often get told by prestigious voice actors that they absolutely cannot afford to get sick. I can understand that, given the fact that a sick voice actor out of commission could weak havoc on finding a gig.

This week I got a nasty cold. I also had my wallet stolen, but this blog isn’t about how terrible my week was–it’s about how I got over the cold. Simple: I practically OD’d on vitamin C. My go-to for a rush of immune boost if white grapefruit juice because, despite its bitterness, it has less sugar than orange juice and often has more vitamin C per serving.

Wash that baby down with water. You do drink enough water, right? Anyways, what could have knocked my voice out for a week was instead rather manageable. I hope, as the winter weather disappears around here I won’t be getting as sick as often.

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