Writing Portfolio

My portfolio is diverse, ranging from academic work to marketing, blogging, news, and more. I have experience in game design, narrative crafting, copy and product strategy, and much more!

See a selection of my works below.

VeCTOR – Script Excerpt

PC Game (In Development)

In this scene, Iris—a sarcastic AI who serves as a maintenance foreman—is chastised by the AI network which serves as her oversight. RO-14 has escaped under her watch, and now she must face the consequences. Hear this scene performed here!

Game Design, agency, and The Beginner’s Guide


An essay about game design theory, explored through Davey Wreden’s The Beginner’s Guide.

How to be a better LGBTQ+ Ally

Pure Romance Buzz Blog

Being an ally can sometimes seem intimidating. Are the things I’m doing or saying helping? Am I saying something wrong? Don’t fret. Check out this guide.

An Open Letter to ESPN: Thank you

Elsewhere Nightly

An article discussing marketing that backfires from the people it’s meant to satirize.

It’s time to have the book cover conversation


Many new authors miss an important fact: people do judge a book by its cover.

Press Release: No Place

Dragon Street Press

A press release for No Place (2019).