Writer Services

As a writer I love to help other writers. As such, I offer a number of services that can help. To inquire about any of these services, email me at sam@samswicegood.com.


Probably the most requested writer service is editing. If you are in need of an editor, I perform fast, accurate editing. My rate ranges from 1 to 5 cents per word, depending on the level of editing needed, the desire for content editing, and the depth of the editing run. Most manuscripts are quoted at 2 cents per word.

Pitch/Marketing Consult

Whether you’re at a convention, meeting an agent at a writer’s conference, or making a formal pitch to a publisher, a strong pitch is your best friend.

I have a marketing background and I would love to help you polish and perfect your pitch. I offer 15-minute consults via phone/video for $20. My availability on this gets booked fast, so email me about getting your own pitch consult today!

Query Assistance

Need help polishing your query? I can help. I offer 3 rounds of query editing for $30. That’s 3 annotated, commented, analyzed rounds of your query to make it the best it can be.