Voice Actors should read more

Yeah, that’s right. You heard me. Voice actors: read more. When was the last time you read a book? Which is to say, for fun? I have an addiction to books. I go through them faster than I go through candy, which is honestly saying something because I go through candy far too quickly for my own good (This isRead the rest of this page »

The Creep of Artificial Voiceover

A little rant about artificial voice. 

Long Copy and “The Zone”

Some voice actors hate long, boring copy.

Cold Reading: A Voice Actor’s Best Skill

Forget character voices. Forget deep, grovelly sounds. Forget accents. The number one skill I have is cold reading. I recently attended a convention in San Francisco called BABScon, where they had a very special event: a voice acting competition. The judges of this event were three amazingly talented folks: Tara Strong, Nicole Oliver, and Brian Drummond. The finalists of theRead the rest of this page »

Good voiceover branding is more important than being cheaper

Last week I talked about my experiences offering voiceover with Fiverr, and the response I got got me thinking quite a bit about how some prospective voice actors can get ahead of the cut. Some voice actors think the only way to do it is by having unbeatable prices. Yeah, maybe you’ll get tons of work, but how does thatRead the rest of this page »

Voices and fiverr

So I made a fiverr.

Why voice actors do what we do

Today I got an email. It was simple, short, and sweet: Dear Sam, I like your radio show, I think it’s really funny. I want to host a radio show, too, because it seems like so much fun. Yes, writer. It’s fun. it has its moments. There are times when I get bouts of laughter in my studio so hardRead the rest of this page »

Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. This is my brother, Daniel. Daniel was diagnosed with severe autism at a young age, and living with his has been exceptionally difficult. Up until the point where my family moved to Tennessee, where he currently lives, I have been a close to my brother, because as a special needs child he requires aRead the rest of this page »

Getting a Sick voice actor back into action

I often get told by prestigious voice actors that they absolutely cannot afford to get sick. I can understand that, given the fact that a sick voice actor out of commission could weak havoc on finding a gig. This week I got a nasty cold. I also had my wallet stolen, but this blog isn’t about how terrible my weekRead the rest of this page »

Upcoming Conventions

Voice Actor Sam Swicegood

I love conventions. It’s a great way to meet folks, eat expensive food, see people in costumes, network with professionals, and all that jazz. Plus, I  often get invited to host panels, which is really just a blast. If you haven’t had the chance to go to any cons this year, I implore you to give it a try.

"Expect nothing. Everything else is a sweet surprise." - Lee Tockar

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