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My name is Sam Swicegood, and I talk and write a lot for a living.

Freelance Writing

I am an avid blogger and podcaster. I am the author of upcoming game Cold Start as well as the Andyverse, a series of fantasy novels.

I am available to write and produce blogs at short notice. I also write short stories and other forms of written media.



Animation Voice Demo – Updated February 2014

Commercial Voice Demo РUpdated November 2013

Accent Voice Demo – Updated January 2014

Experience and Training

I’ve been a stage actor most of my life, and only over the past few years did I discover my talent working with voice. After doing some training with Lee Tockar, I realized where my work is and what I want to do. Since then, I’ve done work based out of my home studio in Cincinnati, OH.

Quality Voice Over

This isn’t the only job where I talk a lot. I do public relations work, which tends to require a very friendly, pleasant attitude and an ability to talk at length. My voiceovers are recorded at my home studio in Cincinnati where they are custom-mastered, edited, and delivered to you. I offer voiceovers for:

  • Animation
  • TV
  • Film
  • Audiobooks
  • Commercials
  • Many other projects!

Efficient voice production

My studio is equipped with phone patch and Skype, allowing me to receive direction to give you the best possible product. I have a music and sound effect library available at my disposal to allow me to deliver to you completed, edited projects ready for immediate use.

Hire me today!

I work for you and I am dedicated to making my clients happy. To hire me, simply fill out the form below or email me at samswicegood@gmail.com!

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