“Your Criticism is Lies”, or “Why I stopped giving advice to writers online”

Recently, to broaden my horizons as a writer, I joined a bunch of writers’ groups online. I’ve learned a few things.

Sam’s FAQ for Writers who Post on Social Media Asking for Advice

I belong to a handful of social media groups that target writers of all kinds. I see a lot of the same questions posted a lot, and wanted to do my part to help answer common ones. feel free to share this post to any new writers looking for advice. But be aware: my answers are honest, and honesty isRead the rest of this page »


  I have debated making this post. Afraid it would be seen as a publicity stunt, or a virtue signal, or any other number of terrible things people do to exploit the fear that surrounds death. But after giving it some thought and a good night’s sleep I have decided it’s worth saying.

Announcing my NaNoWriMo 2018 Book: The Magician on Main Street

I am happy to announce my 2018 NaNoWriMo novel, the sequel to The Wizards on Walnut Street: The Magician on Main Street.  Follow Andy, Apollo, Killian, gangster gnomes, a talking alcoholic snake, and a recently-resurrected mummy as they discover a new force threatening every magical creature in Cincinnati. Please add me as a buddy on NaNo!

The Post-Eraser Culture

Recently there has been a lot in the news regarding things people did years ago. In a world where nothing can ever be truly removed from the internet, how does this impact the way people live their lives? In a world without erasers, are we judged only by our mistakes?

What You Make

This weekend I ran several sessions of play tests for Cold Start.  I’m not a vendor at GenCon, so when people ask me “What did you make so far this weekend” I tell them “I didn’t make any money”. A lot of the time they follow up with a sympathetic “I’m sorry”, but I laugh and explain the things IRead the rest of this page »

Where are the Non-binary Characters in Fiction?

Over a year ago, I started to plan my novel, The Wizards on Walnut Street. What started as an exercise in fantasy world-building and humor quickly became a major project involving diverse and interesting characters…but along the way I learned something terrible about the fiction industry.

The World-Building Series

Hello, writers. And not just writers–creators, dungeon masters, game designers, and more. If you have a world and you’re trying to populate it, then you’re a world-builder and that’s why you’re here. To World-Build.

Now on Patreon!

Become a Patron! That’s right! I have delved into the wide world of Patreon, with the dream of finally being able to write for a living and share my words with the world. Over 50,000 creatives use Patreon to support their work, and with the help of over a million users, I hope I can do the same. Every littleRead the rest of this page »

Wizards on Walnut is available for Pre-Order on Amazon and B&N

  Dragon Street Press announced the release date of its upcoming New Adult Fantasy novel, The Wizards on Walnut Street, by Cincinnati local author Sam Swicegood. When well-respected corporate sorcerer Tom LaFayette is murdered, his eldest child Andy moves to Cincinnati to investigate, discovering a magical society bubbling just under the surface of the mundane world. Encountering odd characters suchRead the rest of this page »

"Expect nothing. Everything else is a sweet surprise." - Lee Tockar

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