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Voice Actor Sam Swicegood

I love conventions. It’s a great way to meet folks, eat expensive food, see people in costumes, network with professionals, and all that jazz. Plus, I  often get invited to host panels, which is really just a blast. If you haven’t had the chance to go to any cons this year, I implore you to give it a try.

This year I’m planning on attending a few: Babscon in San Francisco, CA, Bronycon in Baltimore, MD, and Trotcon in Columbus, OH, where I am actually a Guest of Honor.

As much as I love conventions, I also fear them , to a degree. You see, there is a moment at the end of the convention, when you realize it’s all over. Your friends are going away, you’ll not see them for a long time, and there’s no more fun to be had for the weekend. Your mini-vacation has gone, bud, and you’re back to your real life, outside of the separate, special, fantasy world of conventions. “Con-drop”, it is sometimes called. A fitting name, because it is a depressive drop that can take days, even weeks, to get over.

But I still go. I go because even though I know the weekend is short, every moment there will be fun and amazing. This past year’s cons, of which I attended three, were fantastic. Specifically, I think I can pin Nightmare Nights Dallas as the best of them all that year, though the failed Las Pegasus Unicon was also a blast and comes in a close second. I hope to attend Nightmare Nights again this year.

And now, off to bed I go.


Sam Swicegood is an author, speaker, blogger, and podcaster from Cincinnati, OH. He is the author of fantasy and science-fiction literature, including The Wizards on Walnut Street and No Place.

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